Gary Holmes - Managing Director

I am the owner of Stepping Stones Day Nursery Ltd.

My position in the company is of Managing Director. I am also the Registered Person for the Nursery and responsible to Ofsted and Nottingham Early Years & Childcare Development Partnership for ensuring that all our Policies & Procedures are kept up to date and comply with National Standards.

From 1990 till 2004 I worked in mainland Europe on many varied heavy engineering projects concerned with petrochemical industries both on and offshore. My duties in most cases were as Senior Radiographer/Welding Inspector/Quality Assurance Engineer. As such my position was to ensure that all relevant procedures and safety rules were complied with.
In my position I was normally called on to liaise with contractors / clients and be responsible for the resolution of any problems with contracts or conditions and as such I am used to dealing with both customers and employees whilst aiming to maintain a profitable and quality solution to all problems.

The Nursery opened in 2000 at this time I continued to work abroad whilst in contact with the nursery Manager on a daily basis;
In August 2004 I came home and started to work in the Nursery Full time. This had always been the reason for starting the Nursery so that I could one day return to live in England with my wife Claire (who is one of the Senior Nursery Nurses and also cares for the babies in the Yellow Room) and my son Thomas.

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and visiting friends. I also enjoy Golf.