7 Rooms. 4 Outdoor Play Areas

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We have seven large ground floor playrooms at the nursery. Suited to the children's ages and development stages. With a dedicated team of Leaders, Nursery Nurses and Nursery Assistants.

Settling In

We understand how difficult it can be to leave your child for the first time. Our priority is to help you and your family feel welcome and relaxed. Our trial sessions are offered free of charge and are arranged with the parents or carers needs in mind. You are very welcome to telephone and be put through to your child’s room and speak to one of their carers at any time to see how your child is. 

Learning Journey

Your child will have their own Learning Journey which will monitor their progress and development whilst at Stepping Stones. This is done by observations and evaluations. The Learning Journey will be available for you to view at any time. Your child will have a key person to build special relationships with and for them and you to be reassured about their time at nursery, you are welcome to discuss any queries or concerns you may have with them.

When your child is ready to start school the Learning Journey helps to provide the school with vital information which will support your child with their next stage of learning.