Green Room 2. 24 months - 36 months


Green Room 2 is for our children aged 24-36 months. There is a variety of indoor toys and equipment to allow the children to play in groups or explore on their own. The use of language and communication activities ensure that children are able to express themselves confidently at a very early stage. As they begin to make friends they are encouraged to share, talk and express their feelings. Through their own experiences they can demonstrate a sense of pride in their achievement. Children’s vocabulary becomes more complex, they use a wider range of words to express or elaborate ideas and this reflects the breadth of their experiences.

Working in partnerships with parents/carers, toilet training is encouraged at each individual child’s pace, so a few spare clothes will be needed in case of mishaps!. The toilet and nappy changing facilities are located within the playroom.

Together with Early Years support we are involved with an ongoing project which focuses on the children’s language and communication skills called ECAT (Every Child A Talker)

Green Room 2 prepares the children to become more independent in preparation for the next stage of their development as they continue on to the Pre-School.